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About Us

About us


Estás Bel, an Australian brand that specializes in women’s shapewear, girdles, fajas, and body-shaping accessories for everyday use. Founded by Belinda, a registered nurse,  Estás Bel prides itself  on 100% authentic Colombian shapewear. 

Inclusivity and representation are at the core of Estás bel’s values, with the goal of introducing innovative, skin-tone inclusive shapewear that empowers women to feel beautiful, sensual, and confident.

Birthing this brand  has required juggling the challenges of work and motherhood, with each obstacle presenting an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and stay committed to providing high-quality products.

Every design is meticulously researched and selected to offer the latest innovations. Estás bel provides functionally designed garments, ensuring an ideal solution for a lifestyle of control and comfort.

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Our Story

Estás Bel, founded by Belinda, was inspired by her years as a Registered Nurse. She observed that following cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction and BBL, patients had limited options for post-op compression girdles. The expensive and outdated designs of most post-op girdles meant that their use was primarily for the purposes of recovery.

Leveraging her medical knowledge on the effectiveness, versatility, and benefits of girdles, or Fajas, Belinda decided to create an affordable, trendy, unique, and versatile Shapewear brand. And thus, Estás Bel was born.

Fajas originated from Colombia as medical-grade compression wear, but have since evolved into trendy everyday girdles. Estás Bel is committed to promoting skin-tone inclusivity by offering shape wear, girdles, and Fajas that empower women to feel beautiful, sensual, and confident.

Belinda’s identity, education, and background are reflected in the carefully curated mix of girdles and body shaping accessories. Being a woman of color, Belinda is dedicated to raising the bar for representation and inclusivity in the industry. Her journey has been arduous but fulfilling, with each challenge presenting an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and achieve her goals.


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About us

Estás bel is an Australian brand that sells women’s shape wear, girdles, fajas and body shaping accessories for everyday use.

Founded by Belinda a registered nurse, Estás bel is aspiring to raise the bar for representation and inclusivity with a goal of bringing innovative skin-tone inclusive shape wear for women look good and feel good. 

Birthing this brand has involved late nights juggling work and motherhood where every design has been single handedly researched and picked to bring you the latest innovations.

With every challenge birthing this brand has been an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and remain committed to bring and maintain high quality products.

We provide  functionally designed garments which are the ideal solution to having a lifestyle full of control and comfort.

Our Story

Estás Bel was founded by Belinda. Beginning her journey as a Registered nurse she realised that after patients had cosmetic surgery such as liposuction and BBL they had limited options for post op compression girdles. She noticed that most post-op shapewear was not only expensive but decidedly unfashionable which meant that the shapewear  could only be used for the purposes of recovery.

With her medical knowledge in the effectiveness, benefits and versatility of girdles also known as Fajas.

She decided to create a brand focused on bringing girdles that are affordable , trendy, unique and versatile to the fashion space.

And just like that Estás Bel was born.

Originating from Colombia to be used as medical grade, compression fajas have evolved from their medical origins to becoming trendy everyday use girdles. 

The curated mix of girdles, and body shaping accessories illustrate a pure reflection of Belinda’s identity, education and background.

And as a woman of color aspiring to raise the bar for representation and inclusivity birthing this brand has been a fulfilling arduous journey.

With every challenge endured being an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and achieve goals.


We are committed to deliver premium high quality Shaperwear that is inclusive .We are committed to empowering women to feel beautiful , sensual and confident.