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Frequently Asked Questions

Not only does shapewear smoothen and contour your body underneath your clothes, giving you a slick and flattering shape, but it can also be used to train your waist and butt for an hourglass shape.

From shapewear bodysuits that give you the perfect silhouette under the figure-hugging gown to compression fajas for post-surgery support, Estás bel has a wide range of shapewear pieces to kick your confidence up a notch. Not sure which garment is right for you? Chat to our team about finding your perfect fit.

Yes! Compression garments, just like traditional corsets, are safe to be worn every day. Over time, regularly wearing waist belt trainers and compression garments can reduce your waist size — sculpting your shape and contouring your curves.

Over time, training your waist with shapewear can help you mould your body — permanently reducing your back and tummy, giving you more of an hourglass waist shape. People have been using corsets for waist reduction since the nineteenth century, and our comfortable layered stretch waist belt trainers, compression garments and shapewear apply modern innovation to this traditional technique to give you outstanding results.

Our compression fajas were developed specifically to be a post-surgery compression garment — providing support while helping to reduce the waist, abdomen and back. As a surgical support garment, they’re safe to be worn while you sleep. At Estás bel, we’re constantly inventing new styles to give you heightened comfort while enjoying our shapewear.

Over time, waist training has been shown to reduce the circumference of your waist and give you a smaller back and abdomen. While shapewear bodysuits don’t take away weight, they can still effectively create a curvier shape — changing your dress size.

Shapewear bodysuits and compression garments work to contour and enhance your natural shape, so they should fit very close to the body. Thanks to our innovative stretchy materials, you’ll still be able to move freely in Estás bel shapewear. So be sure to choose garments that feel tight when you first put them on.

We design all of our shapewear to provide support and close compression at Estás bel, so there’s no need to size down for a firm, contoured fit. When checking your measurements leave 2-3 finger spacing between your body  and measuring tape. Not sure which size you should choose? please contact us on for assistance with sizing.

Seeing as shapewear is designed to be very closely fitted — actively compressing your waist, butt and thighs — it needs to fit like a glove! Our shapewear bodysuits are firm yet stretchy, so putting them on isn’t difficult. And when it comes to our compression fajas, we use easy hook and eye closures and zips with adjustable fit settings so you can easily put on and take off the garment.

No. We’ve designed our shapewear to be compressive and supportive while allowing enough give for comfortable freedom of movement and safety. You should always wear shapewear in your correct size, and garments shouldn’t cause you discomfort when you have them on. If you do feel any pain, remove them immediately. Wearing correctly fitted shapewear shouldn’t cause you any internal damage.

We’ve designed all of our shapewear in a range of skin tones and neutrals so you can layer them invisibly under your clothing. This is just one of the reasons why we’re one of the top places to buy shapewear in Australia. Choosing the right colour for you will depend on what your wardrobe looks like and whether you prefer an invisible flesh tone that disappears under white and light coloured garments or classic black that acts just like regular lingerie under your clothing.